Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Painting & the Makeshift Kitchen

So the kitchen's been painted a lovely shade called 'white raisin,' drop cloths strewn about the newly refinished wood floors & EVERYTHING IS EVERYWHERE!!! Hooray though, the new fridge & stove are now useable & I have a makeshift sink!!! A couple of the "new" cabinets are temporarily in place for use too!

Someday there will be a dishwasher between the sink & fridge:)

Temporary plywood countertop.

The new stove that's doubling as a work station.

Someday soon there will be cabinets here!

Potential kitchen curtain material.

Potential kitchen curtain material.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Alas, it has begun. The kitchen renovation. A project that once completed will be so wonderful & yet, at present stage of home remodeling, totally sucks. My dilapidated, completely outdated, ergonomical monstrosity of a kitchen will be a highly functional, attractive & oh - make - me -so very- happy place of home cook'n & chill'n with the family at chow down time:)

Before the tear out.

After cabinet & floor removal.

Yay! Refinished wood floor!!!